For almost 50 years Yankee Construction the parent of Masonry Grout Injection Contractors has been recognized as a leading restoration contractor serving metro New York and the Northeast region of the United States. Yankee preservation work in pre-war public and private buildings include award-winning projects in museums, churches, barns, homes and mansions including stabilizing historic ruins.
In 2013 Yankee was called upon to help devise a process to stabilize the masonry foundation and façade at the Underground Railway History Project in Albany, New York. Requirements of the project lead to the development of a proprietary formulation for mortar injection using an expansive crystallization process to stabilize and strengthen the structure.
The Masonry Grout Injection Contractors division was established to provide consultation, site work and structural reinforcement to Engineers, Architects and other contractors that require a non-destructive, invisible solution to masonry wall deficiencies.

Highly experienced masonry restoration for:

  • Strengthening of masonry foundations and walls in preservation projects
  • Code compliance without replacement
  • Resolution of hydrostatic infiltration in composite wall construction
  • Structural crack repair
  • Façade restoration
  • Tectonic stabilization

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