This 2015 Preservation Initiative Award given by the Historic Albany (N.Y.) Foundation is a significant example of the application of Grout Injection to strengthen the brick walls of this historically important Civil War era building.


The brick structure, currently a private residence, required significant attention due to water infiltration and material degradation. Grout injection along with stainless steel Helical anchors were used extensively throughout the brick walls to repair bulges and fill voids. The Yankee Grout Injection specialists working in conjunction with a Grout Injection Engineer prepared the protocols for conducting their activities which included specification for the grout mixture, wall and arch preparation, port installation and injection procedure.


Following the completion of the injection work a post-injection evaluation was conducted to verify the placement of grout. The verification processes include pulse-echo, infrared thermography, microwave radar and through-wall pulse velocity non-distructive measurements. As part of the post-injection survey, non-destructive verification of grout penetration was conducted. These measurements confirmed the presence of grout in the wall and full adhesion to existing masonry.


As a result of the grout injection process a significant portion of the structure was preserved with its original exposure intact. The building was preserved at a cost significantly lower than would have been required if not for the application of injected microcrystalline grout.


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