Reinforcement, Restoration and Preservation of Structural Brick and Stone


Masonry Grout Injection Contractors uses a specialized formulation of structural compounds that are injected into the voids of failing and otherwise non-compliant and structurally deficient masonry structures.

The objective structural section is drilled at strategic points. A proprietary microcrystalline grout material is injected through the use of low pressure injection equipment that is uniquely customized for each application.

When properly injected by our expert technicians, the CIF fills all voids in a failing masonry assembly. Where façade wall separation is present, helical wall ties are inserted to mechanically re-connect interior and exterior wythes of brick, block or stone. Once injected with an appropriate CIF, a monolithic bond between interior and exterior masonry wythes is achieved that meets or exceeds the building code.

Brick Wall Restoration Using Crystalline Grout Injection Technique

Wall illustration

Benefits of Masonry Grout Injection

    • Invisible solution that preserves the historic fabric of aging structures
      Crystalized grout injection, used in hundreds of historic restoration projects throughout the world assure structural stability, mitigates water damage. The grout injection process assures code compliance while preserving the historic fabric of the site.
    • Low cost.
      Engineering, excavation demolition, temporary reinforcement, and associated replacement costs are eliminated.
    • Consider the challenges of temporarily stabilizing and supporting a delicate wall or foundation of stone or brick.
      Removing the materials, excavating fill (mostly by hand), then replacing the walls and attempting to achieve a look consistent with what may have just been removed.
    • Meets or exceeds code requirements
      Injection is the preferred method for stabilization of deficient, inferior or deteriorating masonry.
    • Solves moisture infiltration permanently
      The grout and crystal formula is modulated to meet the exact requirements to fill and expand in wall voids.
    • Fast
      The time associated with replacement verses injection can mean days instead of months on a construction schedule.

Our Services

• Strengthening of masonry foundations and walls in preservation projects

• Code compliance without replacement

• Resolution of hydrostatic infiltration in composite wall construction

• Structural crack repair

• Façade restoration

• Tectonic stabilization