Historic Building Restoration

Compatible Injected Fill

Fixes stability issues with old masonry

Proven Results

Hundreds of restoration projects around the world

Reinforce And Strengthen

Masonry and facades restored

Non-Destructive And Safe

Retain the beauty of historic buildings

Concealed And Invisible

Restore the classic beauty of your building

Fast And Less Expensive

No need for expensive and lengthy replacement projects

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About Us

For almost 50 years Yankee Construction the parent of Masonry Grout Injection Contractors has been recognized as a leading restoration contractor serving metro New York and the Northeast region of the United States. Yankee preservation work in pre-war public and private buildings include award-winning projects in museums, churches, barns, homes and mansions including stabilizing historic ruins. READ MORE

Some Of Our Projects

Gomez Mill House
Rockefeller University
Orange County Firefighters
Jersey City Beacon Orpheum
Storm King Art Center
Maverick Concert Hall